Friday, January 18, 2008

That's all for now, folks!

Hi folks!

Some of you may have noticed that this blog has been inactive for some time now. Unfortunately I have stopped all DJ-related activities for the time being, until I finish my studies. I will be back in full swing as soon as soon as I finish!

So until then, take it easy, and keep groovin'!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

55 Bulk Lot of Disco & House Music 12" Vinyl Records For Sale!

I'm selling of my older Disco/House Vinyl collection. These are great to add to an 80's collection, to go with other 80's dance classics. Some of these records are early Chicago House tracks (e.g. [Liz Torres feat.C & J] [Face It] [State Street] [1987]), and some others are original disco (e.g. [Boney M] [Kalimba De Luna] [Hansa] [1984]). I haven't played them for a long time, but they were all in good condition the last time I played them. Here's the eBay advertisement:

No Reserve auction for 56 Disco and House Vinyl Records, with a $0.10 starting bid!!

Most records are from the late 80's and most records are Disco with some being House tracks.

Records are in average to good playable condition.

Most of them are in their original record covers and the rest are in sleeves or plastic covers.

Perfect for a DJ/mobile DJ looking to expand their collection, as key and BPM information is provided on most record that have covers. Also, perfect to add to an existing 80's music collection for DJ gigs. The lot will also suit a record collector.

I'm selling them because I don't do private functions (e.g. 25th, 30th, 40th birthdays/weddings/engagements) anymore.

A listing is provided below, in the format is [Author][Title][Record Label][Year].

[Lewis A. Martinee] [Come Go With Me] [Arista] [1986]
[Hazel Dean] [Always Doesn't Mean Forever] [EMI] [1987]
[Inner City] [Ain't Nobody Better] [KMS] [1989]
[Two Minds Crack] [Cry Cry Cry] [Sire] [1986]
[Evelyn Thomas] [Dynamyte] [Southlands] [1989]
[Ash 48] [Ash 48 Part Two] [Precision] [1985]
[Mike Mareen] [Don't Talk To The Snake] [Night'n Day] [1987]
[Company B] [Fascinated] [WEA] [1987]
[Joy Peters] [One Night In Love] [ZYX] [1987]
[Ken Lazlo] [Glasses Man] [Memory] [1987]
[Trans-X] [I Love You] [Image] [1986]
[Ahora] [Come On Dance] [Damabi Pub.] [1986]

[The Dead Milkmen] [Smokin' Banana Peels] [Fever] [1989]
[Lauren Grey] [Irresistible Love] [Emergency] [1985]
[Brenda Reid] [Reaching For The Best] [Nightmare] [1989]
[Christopher Street] [Happiness] [ERC] [1984]
[Billy Ocean] [Loverboy] [Jive] [1984]
[Manny's] [I Love You So] [Roy B.] [1983]
[Baila Bolero] [Fun Fun] [Energy Prod.] [1987]
[Midnight Passion] [I Need Your Love] [Cruisin] [1985]
[Lana Pellay] [I Can Make A Man Out Of You] [Liberation] [1986]
[Bronski Beat] [Hit That Perfect Beat] [London] [1985]
[Lisa] [Doin' It] [Dice] [1987]

[Xenon] [Still] [Patrice Mgmt] [1987]
[Ollie & Gus] [New York New York] [rooArt] [1990]
[Hazel Dean] [Who's Leaving Who] [EMI] [1988]
[Italian Boys] [Gigolo] [ZYX] [1986]
[Cole/Clivilles] [Seduction] [Vendetta] [1989]
[Ladies Choice] [Last Train] [Carrere] [????]
[Helen Terry] [Act Of Mercy] [Virgin] [1986]
[Sandy Marton] [People From Ibiza] [Ariola] [1984]
[Risque] [Shadow Of Your Heart] [Polydor] [1984]
[Croisette] [Do You Know The Way] [Jade] [1988]
[Sylvester] [Band Of Gold] [Megatone] [1983]
[Kim Wilde] [You Keep Me Hangin' On] [MCA] [1986]
[M. Gane/M. Johnson] [Black Stations/White Stations] [Victor] [1984]
[Boney M] [Kalimba De Luna] [Hansa] [1984]

[Frankie Medina] [Shaft Traxx] [Soundshaft] [1998]
[Barbara Doust] [If You Love Somebody] [Power] [1987]
[Liz Torres feat.C & J] [Face It] [State Street] [1987]
[Andrea Martin] [Dirty Love] [Next Plateau] [1989]
[Simply Red] [Various] [WEA] [1985]
[Scherrie Payne] [I'm Not In Love] [Airwave] [1982]
[Vincent Capretta] [Fallin Again] [LSA] [1982]
[Cold Sweat] [Faze] [Cyntone] [????]
[JMBI] [Snoopy's Count House] [American] [????]
[Mac Thornhill] [It's Allright] [Sizzle] [1989]
[Kazir] [What About Love?] [Scorpio] [1989]
[Berkeley Van Byrd] [I Like What I See] [Vision] [1988]
[Young MC] [Various] [DeliciousVinyl][1988]
[Pseudo Echo] [Funky Town] [EMI] [1986]

Please feel free to ask questions. Postage cost details will be provided when a country and postcode is provided (delivery to Melbourne, Australia will cost under AU$10). Will post worldwide. Receipt for postage will be provided with item. Local pickup from Melbourne is fine.

More information and pictures at

Happy Bidding!!

And here are some extra pictures for the eBay visitors!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Myspace Slideshow on Blogger

I thought it would be cool to have a small slideshow with flyers of my past gigs, displayed on my blog. Since I've already got a slideshow set up for my Myspace page, I simply copied and pasted the same code into my blogger template. It turned out to be a good idea, as it makes my blog look a bit more interactive, as you can see (if you're using IE) on the top left! It could potentially also distract readers though, as they'd see something moving in the top left corner, while they're trying to read a post!

I'm sure there are other better services that offer free slideshows that can be integrated into webpages/blogs, but by having the Myspace slideshow, you can show the same slideshow on both your blog and Myspace. So any changes to your slideshow on Myspace will also take effect on your blog.

So that's one more way in which Myspace can be integrated with blogger! I've posted a couple of more integration tips in some of my previous posts (e.g. see here, and here).

Monday, March 19, 2007

New Mix Coming Soon!

DJing with a full suit?

Last weekend Mike Jules was playing at Lustre Lounge on the Saturday night, so I went over at around 1am which is the usual time they close (at least on Fridays) to see how things were going. I was happy to see that Mike was having fun; he was not just DJing but also picking up girls (or rather, the girls picking him up!). The crowd was loving his music too.

Since I was there straight after a wedding, I was in a full suit (although I had loosened the tie), so I felt a bit awkward walking into the bar where I'm usually dressed very casually. Then it turned out that the bar was going to be open until 2am (since there was enough of a crowd), so I decided to DJ for an hour until they closed; putting myself into an even more awkward position! So there I was playing House music with a full suit. At one point the bouncer walked up to me and said he's never seen such a well dressed DJ! (Although I assured him that I'm rarely that well dressed; in fact, I'm rarely even dressed appropriately enough to enter a bar).

I didn't bring any music to the bar as I was not expecting to play, so I had to play someone elses music, using Mike's headphones!

Friday, March 16, 2007

Best Places to Leave Flyers in CBD

If you've got a House event happening somewhere in the CBD, here's my list of the most appropriate places to leave flyers. I'll be adding to this list as I find new places.

1) HMV Bourke St. will target most of the general music loving community. If the location for placing flyers is still on the top floor which is the House/RnB section, even better! (the RnB crowd wouldn't be interested in a House night anyway).

2) Central Station Somerset Place (off Elizabeth St). will target mostly DJs. Probably not as effective as HMV for flyer placement but still a great place with a large table left aside solely for flyers.

3) RMIT Swanston, Building 10 Level 4 Cafe is appropriate for me because I study at RMIT. But this place is very busy, and the coffee shop is the busiest. They've already got a some flyers for different events placed on the coffee shop's counter, so they seem to be OK with anyone coming and leaving flyers. This will target mostly students, of course.

4) The Vault cafe on Swanston Street below RMIT Building 10 (and below ground level!) is a nice funky place. There's plenty of flyers for many types of events there already.

5) Collectors Corner Swanston Street has plenty of flyers right under the counter. All the flyers are a bit close together so not many people will see our flyers unless they're looking at the entire flyer area in detail.

6) Platypus Shoes, Melbourne Central has an area on the floor right next to the entrance where a few flyers are kept.

7) QV Cnr Swanston and Lonsdale seems a good place to leave flyers, but I haven't found a flyer-friendly place in QV yet.

Not a very complete list! Feel free to leave your ideas and I'll add it to this list.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Flyer Printing at 13c Per Print?

Compared to how much we've payed in the past to get flyers printed, 13 cents per print is a bargain. The idea is to get the flyer to be of the ratio 1:1.5 so that they can be fitted into a 4" x 6" (i.e. 10cm x 15cm) photo. Basically, you then get the flyers printed as photos, from the cheapest photo printing place. The cheapest I've found so far for photo printing is 13 cents per photo, from GetDigital.

Sending something off to print via GetDigital is very easy; log in to GetDigital, upload the picture, resize or crop or do any of the basic effects, and then choose a quantity and send it off to print! They usually print it on the same day, and you can collect it from the nearest pharmacy registered with them (my closest pharmacy registered with them was a 10 min walk) within two working days.

I used GetDigital to print 310 flyers for Laidback @ Lustre Lounge and it worked great. There was a small problem though; the small sample they showed online was not exactly what the end product looked like -- about two millimeters were cropped off from the top of the flyer. No big dramas though, I know what to do next time to prevent this from happening again.

I'm confused why printing photos are cheaper than printing the same image on cheaper quality paper from a normal shop. Or maybe there's cheaper printing shops and I just haven't found them!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Friday Nights @ Lustre Lounge

DJ Pound and I will be taking on early Friday nights at Lustre Lounge -- 7pm - 10pm from this Friday onwards. From 10pm DJ Temba will take over until closing time.

Friday has currently got some great promotion happening, where you get one round of free drinks on presenting a "corporate card". The offer is applicable for groups of 5 or more people, before 7pm. What better way to start the night! If 7pm is too early, they've also got drink specials on until 9pm, and will start serving complimentary finger food if it gets busy enough.

If anyone's interested in a corporate card, let me know and I'll send it to you. Or you can come over on a Thursday to our "Laidback" night and get a card off me.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Miles Maeda Madness!!

What a night!! I had planned to leave early but couldn't -- he just kept me going. There was some awesome variety in his set (deep, techy, jazzy, 'summery', 'hip-hoppy', 'jackin'...) and he even somehow managed to keep the dancefloor going with "Greenskeepers -- On The Line (Farina Remix)", which until last night I had thought would only do well as a chill-out track!

It was good to hear some of the popular stuff too (e.g. the Hodges track with Collette vocals). He even threw in some good remixes that I enjoyed ('Funky Rhythm', 'Pump up the jam'). Most importantly, it was good to see that Miles is such a down-to-earth and friendly guy -- he was walking around chatting to random people in the crowd!

The event was not overcrowded and there was a big fan that helped us keep going and going and going on the dancefloor. The venue (Tramp off Highlander Lane in the city -- very hidden and very "underground") and the sound system were fantastic. The crowd was friendly and just there to have a good time.

I've attached a 5 min video below, but you can only see Miles mixing (the crowd was recorded but it's too dark in the video).

Friday, March 09, 2007

Laidback @ Lustre Lounge has taken off!!

We wanted people to come chill out at our new night at Lustre Lounge, and that's exactly what they did. There were people there from start to finish, and the bar tender said it was busy for a Thursday night. Not bad for our opening night!

But I must admit, the people who came were there either there for the good music, or out of coincidence, because we hadn't had the time to do enough promotion to make it a much busier Thursday night than usual. There were 6 people I knew though (including 3 from ITM).

So, overall it was a very good start to our Laidback @ Lustre! With bit more promotion and time, we should be able to make it a full house on Thursdays.