Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Flyer Printing at 13c Per Print?

Compared to how much we've payed in the past to get flyers printed, 13 cents per print is a bargain. The idea is to get the flyer to be of the ratio 1:1.5 so that they can be fitted into a 4" x 6" (i.e. 10cm x 15cm) photo. Basically, you then get the flyers printed as photos, from the cheapest photo printing place. The cheapest I've found so far for photo printing is 13 cents per photo, from GetDigital.

Sending something off to print via GetDigital is very easy; log in to GetDigital, upload the picture, resize or crop or do any of the basic effects, and then choose a quantity and send it off to print! They usually print it on the same day, and you can collect it from the nearest pharmacy registered with them (my closest pharmacy registered with them was a 10 min walk) within two working days.

I used GetDigital to print 310 flyers for Laidback @ Lustre Lounge and it worked great. There was a small problem though; the small sample they showed online was not exactly what the end product looked like -- about two millimeters were cropped off from the top of the flyer. No big dramas though, I know what to do next time to prevent this from happening again.

I'm confused why printing photos are cheaper than printing the same image on cheaper quality paper from a normal shop. Or maybe there's cheaper printing shops and I just haven't found them!


Charmane & Ashan said...

Hey Luvvy
How are you? Charmane here - what a great idea and something Ashan should do to promote his photography!!! Hope the married life is treating you well :) We all have to catch up soon!!!
Say Hi to Val for me and Chat soon! Take Care Charmane

Luvvy said...

Yup it's about time for another catch up! It's been hectic the last couple of weekends!

Yes its a good idea for Ashan to print some flyers and leave it over the counter at appropriate businesses (e.g. cafes and restaurants are appropriate for my flyers). Handing out flyers is also good, but probably not that effective, as most of your flyers end up in the bin!