Monday, March 19, 2007

DJing with a full suit?

Last weekend Mike Jules was playing at Lustre Lounge on the Saturday night, so I went over at around 1am which is the usual time they close (at least on Fridays) to see how things were going. I was happy to see that Mike was having fun; he was not just DJing but also picking up girls (or rather, the girls picking him up!). The crowd was loving his music too.

Since I was there straight after a wedding, I was in a full suit (although I had loosened the tie), so I felt a bit awkward walking into the bar where I'm usually dressed very casually. Then it turned out that the bar was going to be open until 2am (since there was enough of a crowd), so I decided to DJ for an hour until they closed; putting myself into an even more awkward position! So there I was playing House music with a full suit. At one point the bouncer walked up to me and said he's never seen such a well dressed DJ! (Although I assured him that I'm rarely that well dressed; in fact, I'm rarely even dressed appropriately enough to enter a bar).

I didn't bring any music to the bar as I was not expecting to play, so I had to play someone elses music, using Mike's headphones!

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